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the ideas company was created by Eugene Kudashev. That would be me:

the ideas company is regularly joined by Eugene's frequent collaborators — designers, engineers, strategists, artists, editors, writers, photographers, directors — who are the absolute best at their crafts: Sergey Skip, Sergei Zakharov, Illarion Gordon, George Yakovlev, Ksenia Perminova, Denis Bolshakov, Gabriel Saillard.

The point of the ideas company is to make good work and bring a little bit of something useful into the world.

I've been working in tech since maybe 2008 — scary! — with various tech companies, including but not limited to Contentful, Prismic, Pitch, Ming Labs, and a whole bunch of others.

I deeply and passionately care about technology. Today much of it is harmful, but I believe that through collective action we can create a better internet. Read my manifesto >

Apart from contract work, I'm working on my own project: untitled map app.

I like working with smart, ambitious people with sense of humour. I work fast, and a lot.

My particular area of interest lies in all kinds of social digital environments.

Let's do something fantastic together.

If you're interested in looking at my personal work — Eugene that's a web artist and a writer — please visit my digital garden at eugenekudashev dot com.